donate towards our adoption...

We are incredibly grateful for the way that our friends, family, and even complete strangers have supported and encouraged us through our adoption process.  If you feel led to give financially towards our adoption there are two ways to do so...

1) Order something from my Etsy shop... all proceeds go directly towards our adoption costs.

2) Donate through Helping Hands Ministries.  Helping Hands is a third party organization that allows you to make a tax deductible donation towards our adoption.  To donate simply go here and select "ADOPTION" as your project category, then choose "BLACK, LANCE and JULIA" as your project and follow the donating instructions provided.

we love adoption.

We are fans of adoption.  It has made our family whole.  We traveled to Uganda and brought our sweet Zara girl home in November 2013, just in time for holidays.  She has completely turned our world upside down, and we wouldn't have it any other way.  

Adoption can be an incredibly long, and sometimes very difficult, process... often taking several years to complete.  But obviously, the rewards are so, so worth it.  Join with us as we continue to learn about adoption and stumble through parenthood as best we can.  

The journey may be long... but it is so, so sweet... 


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