finding the one...

I am on a mission. A mission to find the perfect perfume. You know, a signature fragrance... the one. I should have put this on my 30 by 30 list. It is much more difficult than I expected. When it comes to fragrances, I'd say I'm pretty sensitive. Therefore, I'm looking for something very light and floral. Maybe even something a little fruity? For the majority of my life, I have been a "spritz" girl. I'm a huge fan of Bath & Body Works sprays. They're light and unobtrusive. But I've decided that a grown woman should have a signature scent... and it should come in the form of a glass bottle (not a plastic one).

However, purchasing a signature perfume is a major committment. Seriously. You go in those perfume stores, try like 20 different scents, smelling coffee beans in between, give yourself a migrain, take a dozen of those little perfume-sprayed cards home with you, realize everything smells the same now that you're home, not to mention that you've absolutely ruined your sense of smell (and the purse that you put all the perfumed cards in). Then, you run the risk of actually spending $60 on a bottle of perfume, only to realize that once you start wearing it, you hate it. See what I mean? Total committment.

But today, dear friends, I think I have come up with two potential contestants for my signature scent...

1) Burberry Summer. It is light, somewhat floral, and not overbearing. Added bonus- pretty bottle.

2) Gucci Envy Me. It is light and sweet smelling. A fun flirty scent.

Any other recomendations out there? I've had a couple of girlfriends recommend D&G's Light Blue and am thinking about adding it to my list. But until I decide to take the plunge and commit, I will stick with my go-to scent... Warm Vanilla Sugar. Can't go wrong there.