a real snowMAN

So, we survived snow day number 1... and Lance is actually at home enjoying snow day number 2, with schools canceled yet again.

But I can't complain too much. My company did allow me to pack up my laptop and leave around noon yesterday, so I could resume work at the home office (aka, my kitchen table). The roads weren't too bad, just really wet and slushy. And since I left early, the bad drivers were at a minimum. However, it was all worth it when I turned onto my street and was warmly greeted by Mr. Snowman, himself. And when I say Mr. Snowman, I mean Mr. Snow M-A-N.

Yes... look closely. That is a snowman with all the proper male-anatamy. The picture was taken with my iPhone out of the car window, so it's a little far away... but you get the picture.

I've included a few G-rated snow pictures as well... I mean, I am a family-friendly blogger after all :)