happy easter...

After the easter egg hunts, chocolate bunnies, cadbury cream-filled chocolate eggs, over-stuffed easter baskets, etc... it's easy to see how we seem to forget why this holiday even exists.

But today I was reminded. I was reminded that it was because Christ gave His life up for me, so that my sins would be washed away and I can experience a relationship with my Maker. That's pretty impressive stuff. I mean, what if God just decided we weren't worth it? What if He didn't see the potential in us? What if He looked out at the sinful people we had become and just threw the towel in? But He didn't.

I recently read this article by Carolyn McCulley, and was really impacted by some of her thoughts:

I wonder if she (Mary Magdalene) ever thought back to the jeers and mockery hurled at Jesus while He suffered so violently on the cross.

"Save yourself! If you are the Son of God, come down from the cross!"

Well, what if He had? What if Jesus had actually come down from that cross? What if He looked out at sinful humanity and shrugged off the plan of redemption for our sorry souls? That angry crowd was staring at the only way they would ever escape eternal torment — and they mocked it.

The whole article is definitely worth a read... it is called Cherish Grace, and basically looks at the resurrection through the eyes of Mary Magdalene.

This handmade card is closest I came to chocolate bunnies this year. Now, Cadbury cream-filled eggs... that's a whole different story.