massive garage sale... done.

That's right folks... the most massive, insanely huge, ridiculously ginormous GARAGE SALE is done. Finito. No more. Finished. And I am proud to say it was a huge success! We probably had over 20 people show up for "preview night" on Friday, then had a nice steady stream of hard-core yard salers come by all day Saturday.

A few highlights...

The accessory table went from this:

To this:

Which could possibly be because Mr. Duck needed to make a few purchases...

One of my favorite shirts from college was transfered from one faithful owner to another...
(Funny story here: Not sure if you can tell in the picture, but this shirt has a photo of me and my good friend Rachel on it... But my friend Kim thought it would be funny if she bought this shirt at my yard sale. She jokingly said she was going to wear it to church the next day... but it turns out, she wasn't joking! It was hilarious... Kim waltzed into our Sunday School class not only wearing my boots, my necklace, and my sunglasses... but the famous red shirt too. Love it.)

And finally... the best part of having a massive garage sale:

This garage sale business is hard work, I tell ya.