ode to TOMS...

TOMS, oh, TOMS... where have you been all my life?
With your soft leather insole and cool, breezy canvas.
You're not too tight, and not too loose.
I don't even have to break you in.
You're a good fit right from the start.
Your perfect fit is the next best thing to being barefoot.
And yet, while I would prefer to go barefoot everyday...
Some don't have a choice.
And enjoying that perfect-barefoot-feeling for me...
Means that someone else in the world won't have to.

My TOMS finally arrived in the mail last Tuesday. And I was oh-so-glad to see them. I ordered them about a month ago... found the perfect pair online... the red bridgeport linen classics... ordered my size 8.5... and off we go. They were set to arrive at my office on April Fool's Day...

So when I saw the TOMS box sitting on my desk when I returned from lunch, I was beyond excited. Except when I opened the box there was nothing in it. The warehouse guy thought it would be a funny April Fool's joke if he hid my new shoes. And it probably would have been funny, if I found them, and that was the end of it... But unfortunately the pair of TOMS I found were a size 6.5... not a 8.5. Bummer. So I called my friends at the TOMS office to see what I needed to do... Long story, short, this was over Easter weekend, so it took a while to get my return label from TOMS and get my 6.5's to UPS. But finally my beautiful 8.5's showed up at the office.

And this time the warehouse guy thought it might be funny to exchange my TOMS for some of our company's plastic scrap. And this time, it actually was funny... since the pair of shoes he was hiding was a perfect size 8.5... which fit way better than the plastic scrap.

It was all worth it though. I seriously LOVE these shoes. Now... what color to order next? I'm thinking about these or these... what do you think?