project organization :: photo mania

Okay, so I used to have somewhat of a teensy-weensy problem. It's what I like to call CT... Camera Triggeritis. Also commonly referred to as a Photoholic. I'm pretty sure it's a medical condition.

What can I say... I took a few pictures in my days. But in my defense, this was back when you actually had to develop a roll of film... and wait until your 24 exposures were ready to pick up... and regardless if those pictures were any good or not, you were still going to take 24 prints home with you. My condition started in high school, but quickly elevated to stage 4 once I entered college. I was a little out of control.
This, my dear friends, brings me to Project Organization :: Photo Mania. I am planning on turning this:
Into this:

My inspiration for this project comes from the ever-famous Ali Edwards. She is genius. The goal is to organize my insane amount of photos in chronological order in my new American Craft 12x12 scrapbooks. Who knows, I may even throw in a few creative scrapbook pages. But for the most part I will just be slipping photos in clear sleeves, occassionally jotting down some names, events, and dates (assuming I remember everyones's names).

I have a feeling this project will take some time, so I will keep you posted on my progress. I would love to hear any brilliant ideas you may have on organizing photos...