thankful thursday

This Thursday I am thankful for:

1) Glee. That's right, I admit it... I am a full-fledged Gleek. I love this show. I love the petty high school drama. I love Sue Sylvester. And I love that they break out into song and dance about every 15 minutes. So right up my alley.

2) A clean garage. My yard sale endeavor is finally over. The rewards were definitely worth it, but I sincerely hope I never have to have a garage sale again. And now, who knows... I might even park my car in the garage... crazy, I know.

3) My friend Holly. I love this girl. She and I really just became close friends within the past year, but I have really enjoyed getting to know her better. And... guess what? Holly just got engaged! So excited for the bride-to-be!