top 5 :: things that annoy me

5) Laughing Imposters: (noun) someone who forces a loud, false chuckle or cackle. This is often done solely to fool the people around them into thinking they are having a good time.

4) The Singing Salute: (verb) to express a greeting or salutation by a change in pitch. The singing salute is often performed by a very chipper, morning person.

3) Word Repeaters: (noun) one that relates or recites the same word or phrase multiple times. The offender will recite the phrase a minimum of three times. (example: "right... right... right...")

2) Line Gappers: (noun) someone that pauses too generously before moving up in the queue. Line gappers are typically found in post office lines and grocery store lines, but some offenders have been reported in drive-through lines as well.

and finally... the number one thing that annoys me...

1) VIP Bluetoothers: (noun) one that uses a hands-free device to inflate their ego. Typically the VIP Bluetoother discusses a very important business deal, at a high volume, in order to announce their prestige. Offenders are most frequently found pacing the lobby of a restaurant or at the gate of an airport.