30 by 30... in a book

I feel like I am in desperate need of a new craft project. And recently I just happened to purchase a perfect little Kolo photo album. I love Kolo. Seriously... they have the most beautiful photo memory products.

At first, I wasn't quite sure about what I should do with my new Kolo photo album. But then... I had a brilliant idea. Just brilliant I tell you. I thought it would be pretty cool if I captured my 30 by 30 list in book form. You know, kind of like a scrapbook. Dedicate one page for each item on my list... maybe journal a little bit about why the item is on my list and what I did to accomplish my goal... maybe a picture or memento to capture the whole experience... brilliant, right?

Then, I thought... "what if I don't have enough pages??" So I counted, and amazingly enough there are EXACTLY 30 PAGES. It's a sign.
I can't wait to start this project. I have been having crafting-withdrawals.