the great trashbag debate...

There are some things that you just don't skimp on... toilet paper, milk, my favorite oatmeal (fruit & cream, in case you were wondering)... and apparently trash bags. I, for one, never considered trash bags to be one of these items, but my husband apparently does. Which brings me to the great trash bag debate...

You see, one day while working from home, I received a phone call from the Mobile Association for the Blind. They were selling various household/business products that blind people have produced. Now, typically I don't have much patience for sales calls, regardless of the group or foundation, mostly because I think all of these calls are scams... but on this particular day, I was a softie and gave in.

Once the sales rep told me I didn't have to pay for anything until after I received it, I agreed to listen to the list of products... hand brooms, oven mitts, dust mops, trash bags... Trash bags. Everyone uses trash bags, right? Sounds like a good choice to me. Comes in a box of 175. Perfect. After I ordered, I immediately googled the Mobile Association for the Blind, just to make sure I didn't get scammed. I didn't. They exist. See for yourself.

Lance was a little leery when he came home and I greeted him with, "Hi honey... I just ordered 175 trash bags from blind people today." But he didn't say anything, just kind of shook his head in a "bless her heart" kind of way. Well, our trash bags arrived, and I must say, I was quite impressed. They were the typical standard office-type trash bags... you know, the clear kind mostly used in schools and businesses. Well, now we have 175 of our own.

It wasn't a big deal at first... But you may remember from the little birthday list I posted for Lance the other day, according to # 29, Lance always takes out the trash. So about half way through the 175 clear trash bags, Lance informs me that he is not a fan of these things. He misses the yellow pull ties on our old trash bags, and hates trying to tie a dang little knot in the clear trash bags. And I can't really blame him. It is rather difficult to tie up the clear trash bags, and usually something ends up poking a hole in the bag, and it's just a big mess. BUT WE HAVE 175.

So, trash bag by trash bag, eventually we go through all 175 bags... and finally we graduate back to the yellow-pull-tie-bags. It was a day of great celebration in our house. Very exciting times. I think next time the Mobile Association for the Blind calls, I will just order a broom.