adorable little rental... check.

Here is our adorable little (2 bedroom) rental. It is absolutely perfect... and was the last place we looked at after a very long day of rental searching. Lance and I arrived in Louisville Thursday afternoon. We spent all of Thursday evening and all day Friday calling numbers on 'For Rent' signs, and looking at apartment complex after apartment complex. It was utterly exhausting and we had almost given up hope. On a whim we decided to stop by the seminary so Lance could talk to some people about his class schedule. On our way out, we stumbled upon a housing bulletin board.

...And there it was.

A light blue flier requesting renters for a 2 BR, 2 bath, guest house in a gated community. So at 4:30 Friday afternoon I called the number and left a message... desperately hoping they would return my call. (You would be surprised at how impossible it is to get a hold of some of these people.) Well, sure enough they called us back and allowed us to come by the house that evening to check it out.

The potential rental is only 5 miles from the seminary campus, but you would think you entered another world. Do you remember in my first Kentucky post, how I said we were hoping to find a 2BR rental in one of the trendy neighborhoods near campus? Well... I'd have to say we did pretty good for ourselves. Did you catch the part earlier when I said our rental was someone else's guest house??? Any time the guest house has it's own 2 car garage, you can only imagine what the main house looks like, right?

Well, it's absolutely perfect. I tried to take a couple of pictures with my phone, but the quality is not that great. But basically there is a small living room and kitchen area with one bedroom on the main level. Then you go down this adorable little spiral staircase to get to the second bedroom, aka, my office. It has a washer and dryer, 2 full baths, a perfect little kitchen, and the best part... A POOL. That's right, the main house has a gorgeous backyard with an immaculate swimming pool that we would have access to whenever we want. I mean seriously... how awesome is all of this?

And to top it all off, the landlords are this adorable little young couple, not much older than Lance and I. They have a sweet 18 month old son and both are full-time lawyers. They seem incredibly nice and laid back. We are hoping that our landlords become some of our first friends in Louisville... kind of like a 2-for-1 deal.

Here are a few pictures of the inside. I know the quality is not great, but you kind of get the idea...
This is in the living room area with awesome spiral staircase.

This is another view of the living room/dining area.

This is the upstairs bedroom, which will probably be the master.

This is the downstairs bedroom, which will be the office/guest room.

We are absolutely thrilled with our find... Thanks to all who were praying this weekend!