husband of the year

And this year's 'Husband of the Year Award' goes to.... Drumroll please....

(opening envelope)

That's right, you guessed it... my husband!!

He has secured his place in the Husband Hall of Fame today. Of course he has always been in the HHF to me, but now, I'm sure all of blogland will agree with me...

Do you remember how yesterday I told you about the Prius, and how the "life support battery" completely died on us? And how we were desperately searching for a refurbished battery, since that was about half the price of a brand new battery? Well, Lance found a place to get the refurbished battery... but it just happens to be in Raleigh, NC... a solid 5 hour drive from our house. But apparently, this is the only place on this side of the continental US that actually sells these refurbished batteries.

So, my husband, being the saint that he is, got in the Prius bright and early this morning and drove the 5 HOURS to Raleigh to take it to the shop... and then he will wait for 2-3 HOURS while they replace our old battery (and charge our credit card for $1,800, of course)... and then he will drive ANOTHER 5 HOURS to bring the Prius back home.

Told you. Absolute best husband in the world. And yes, apparently you can drive the Prius around with the dead battery, it just has to work really, really hard.