restaurant review :: which wich

Yesterday I went to lunch at Which Wich with the girls from my office. I have to say, I was pretty impressed. I loved the whole concept. You basically get to pick/design your "wich" exactly how you want it.

When you walk in, you choose a paper bag for your type of sandwich (chicken, turkey, beef, vegetarian, and even breakfast).

Then once you have your bag, you select the remaining ingredients directly on your bag (bread, cheese, spreads, veggies, etc), kind of like a scantron quiz.

You give the Which Wich people your little paper bag and in a few minutes they call your name and produce your sandwich, exactly how you ordered it, right inside that little brown paper bag. Genius, right?

As for the sandwich itself... I ordered a vegetarian caprese with avocado. And I wasn't crazy about my selection. But I fault myself here. I will definitely be going back to find my very own signature "wich."

But, just in case the sandwich itself didn't do it... Which Wich won me over with their ice machine. That's right, they have pellet ice! You can never go wrong with pellet ice. For whatever reason, it makes my Dr. Pepper taste even better. I also noticed Which Wich makes some amazing milkshakes. Will definitely be trying one of those on my next visit.