some may call me the cat whisperer...

Or... others might just call me a crazy cat lady. Lance likes to remind me, that I am very lucky that he married me... because if it weren't for him, I would definitely be destined to the life of a "crazy old cat lady." And sadly, he's probably right.

Currently we have 3 cats that we claim as our own... I feed them daily, I have given them all names, and I have paid to have them all fixed. Rosco, Blackie & Little Cat (I said they had names, I didn't say they were creative names).

Meet Little Cat. (he's shy) He found us at our old house and adopted us. We tried our best to find his owners, but he seemed pretty content to just stay with us.

Meet Rosco & Blackie. They are brothers. The day we moved into our current home, these guys were teeny-tiny kittens living right under our house. We started feeding them by default when they broke into our screened in porch.

But see, recently there has been this other cat that has been sneaking on our back porch to eat our cat food. I hate this cat. Seriously. It is actually the mama cat of Rosco & Blackie, but she had disappeared for a while... and I was perfectly okay with this.

But Nasty-Skank-Mama-Cat (yes, that shall be her name) has reappeared. I hate her. Everyday... she stares at me, hisses at me, then proceeds to eat my cat food... every flipin' day.

But... It just so happens that Nasty-Skank-Mama-Cat produced this adorable baby kitten...

I know... So stinkin' cute, right? I really don't understand how a cat so mean and so ugly can produce a little kitten this cute.

Soooo... I write all of this in hopes that someone reading this post will fall in love with one of these cats and decide they need them to be their own. Pleeeeaseeee. As you know, Lance and I are moving to Louisville early August. We are planning on taking Little Cat with us (unless one of you desperately wants him), but we would love to find good homes for Rosco, Blackie, and super-cute-white-kitten. I don't care about Nasty-Skank-Mama-Cat.