thankful thursday

This Thursday I am thankful for:

1) Kindred Spirits. I just love when you have that instant connection with someone. Someone that you don't know very well or didn't necessarily think you would connect with. The girl you meet through her ex-boyfriend, or the woman you sit next to on a 3 hour flight, or the girl you went to college with, but connect over blogland. I love that.

2) My job. Specifically that fact that I get to keep it. As some of you already know, Lance and I will be making a big move in the next couple of months... new city, new home, new friends... but SAME JOB! This is a huge answer to prayer. My company has agreed to allow me to work remotely from my new location, making monthly visits back to the Atlanta office. This is a big deal guys.

3) Mini Dr. Pepper cans. For whatever reason, I find all miniature items super cute. A miniature pony, miniature ketchup bottles, miniature cupcakes... you get the idea. But miniature Dr. Pepper cans??? This is not only super cute, but it's stinkin' filled with Dr. Pepper! I am borderline addicted to this stuff, but somehow I feel justified drinking it out of a miniature can... regardless of how many I drink :)