thankful thursday

This Thursday I am thankful for:

1) Happy mail! I absolutely adore happy mail... you know, care packages, sweet notes from far-away friends, birth announcements, wedding invitations... basically anything that's not a bill. And yesterday, I received such a fun little package from my kindred spirit in sunny California. This little padded manila envelope contained some of the cutest monogrammed stationary I have ever seen, a perfect summer tank, some adorable red flower earrings, fun party napkins, and a sweet little note. I absolutely love happy mail! Thanks MMR :)

2) My personal assistant. Aka, my sister. She is the absolute best. Jenna knew I was practically hyperventilating with stress from work, the move, an upcoming wedding, etc... so she and her boyfriend drove up from Birmingham to basically check off my to-do list for the next few days. So, while I have been at the office, she has been boxing away (sharpie in hand), calling utility companies, and even calling pet adoption agencies (anyone want a couple of cats?). She really is spectacular. And... if you pay her enough, she will come to your house too :)

3) A fully-functioning Prius. That's right... because I have the Husband of the Year, my little Prius is up and running again. Good as new. The long drive to Raleigh, NC proved to be worth it. Lance was able to get a refurbished battery and everything seems to be running like it should. Our Prius is what they call a "2nd Generation Prius" and the guys at the shop told Lance our Prius had more miles on it than any 2nd Generation they had seen... translation: I drive too much. Regardless, I'm thrilled to have the Prius back!