top 5 :: lessons learned from dave...

1) The more tie-dye, the better. I think all the tie-dye might have damaged my vision... seriously. Bright colored swirls everywhere.

2) Inhale through your nose. If you breathe through your mouth, you are bound to swallow large gulps of marijuana smoke.

3) Always pack extra snacks. My $6 burger and $6 drink.... not so great. Besides, if you didn't follow rule #2 above, you will probably have the munchies.

4) Prepare yourself for an oversized fraternity party. The crowd was not lacking in frat boys... lots of North Face apparel, corn hole games, and beer.

5) Put tracking devices on drunk people. The large quantity of passed out drunkards was worrisome... Where are their friends? And why was no one looking for them?