Slowly but surely... box by box... room by room... it's all getting packed up. Now, I have to be honest... most of this progress is from when my sister visited a few weeks ago to help me start packing... but it's progress none-the-less.

It's funny to see how different Lance and I operate during times like this... my OCD has really kicked into high gear. You see, Lance looks around the house at all the boxes that are already packed up and says, "Julia, it's an entire month away!" While I, on the other hand, look at all the stuff that still needs to be packed in the boxes and say, "But Lance... it's only a month away!"

Somehow, I feel like seeing the boxes scattered around the house makes this transition all a little more real. I mean, I know I am moving to Louisville... but I don't think it's really sunk in yet. I'm not quite sure when it's really going to hit me either.