home is where the heart is...

So... we live in Kentucky now. That is still so weird to me. I keep thinking Lance and I will just pack up and drive home in a few days. But that's just it... this is home now.

And speaking of our new home... it is super cute. And by cute, I mean, really-super-duper-teeny-tiny-but-still-absolutely-adorable, cute. For some reason everything is so much smaller than I remembered. Maybe all of our furniture is just ginormously huge? Or maybe we actually live in a miniature house?

We have had to make some really difficult decisions lately.... like kitchen table or TV? Obviously, we went with the TV. That's what tray tables are for, right? I still need to get rid of some clothes and shoes... but I'm not quite ready for that task yet. Once again, our garage has turned into a giant storage unit. Right now, it's kind of like a really awesome store, full of free stuff. If I need a cute basket or a picture for a wall... I just head out to the garage to pick something out.

We are starting to build a routine, as Lance started classes yesterday and I am back to work today. I'm hoping for a potential lunch date with a potential new friend tomorrow. We will get the hang of it... this whole Kentucky-living-thing. You know what they say... home is where the heart is.