last (official) day at the office...

I have experienced several "lasts" this week. And strangely, they have all been hitting me a bit harder than I thought they would. Today is my last official day in the office.

It's strange, the kind of relationship you develop with your co-workers. They are a family of sorts. Because technically, you spend more hours a day with your co-workers than you do with your own family. They can drive you crazy and annoy you with their strange little quirks, but yet, they know you in a way not many others do. They often see the good, the bad and the ugly. And amazingly enough... they still like you?!?

I have been blessed with an amazing work-family. Working from home just won't be the same. I will miss so much... the sporadic whistling in the office next door... Chipotle lunch dates... "official meetings"... early morning fashion consultations... hearing, "Julrie, Julrie, Julrie..." bagel breakfasts... laughing until I pee in my pants with these two... my boss' sarcasm... and so much more.

Packing up and getting ready for home-office-working... I expect weekly conference calls :)