best party dip ever...

Okay... well, I might be a little biased about this dip, but it's pretty dang tasty. Ask anyone who's ever come over to our house after a football game, or for a get-together. There is rarely any leftover, and if there is, I can usually finish it off myself. My mom always made this dip growing up (and still does)... it's known to be her signature party dish. Since my mom and I are in different states, it is totally legal for me to borrow her signature dish, and call it my own:)

This little dip is not only the best, but it's also the easiest. It's basically a 5 layer dip. It's a cinch to make with only 5 simple ingredients...

3 ripe avocados
1 small container of sour cream
1 bunch of green onions
1 small container of mild Picante sauce
1 package of shredded chedder cheese

And then 5 simple steps to create 5 simple layers...

1) Cut your 3 avocados in half and scoop them out onto your dish (a shallow serving dish works best). I usually slice the avocados pretty thin to make them easier to mash. I just take a regular dinner fork and mash them up by hand straight on my serving dish. This should be a pretty simple task assuming your avocados are ripe. Spread the mashed avocados so that they cover your dish completely. It should look like the photo below. This is layer #1, and in my opinion the tastiest and most important:)

2) Take your small container of sour cream and spread over the avocado. It should be just the right amount. It's important to put the sour cream on next, as it helps to keep the avocado from turning brown. This is layer #2.

3) Chop up the bottom portion of your green onion bunch. This one was a pretty small bunch and I probably should have got 2. This is totally up to you... want more green onions? Use 2 or 3 bunches. I just use a knife to thinly slice the onions, but sometimes when Lance makes the dip, he uses a food processor for really finely chopped onions. This is layer #3.

4) Pour the container of Picante sauce over your sour cream and green onions and spread evenly. Your party dip should start to resemble some type of child's finger painting artwork (with green onions and peppers, of course). This is layer #4. (almost done)

5) And finally, take your entire bag of shredded chedder cheese and sprinkle evenly over the Picante sauce. Do not dare skimp on the cheese. If the avocado is the best part of this dip, the cheese is a close second. You can never go wrong with too much cheese. I've even been known to open a second bag, just to make sure my top layer of cheese was plentiful... don't judge. This is layer #5.

Your dip is complete and ready to eat. I usually serve with a big bowl of Tostitos chips. Give it a try this weekend. It's a perfect tailgating dish... or great to munch on all day Saturday while you watch college football. You will not be disappointed. Promise. Enjoy!