a great {labor free} labor day weekend...

The weather was absolutely perfect.... the windows were open... college football was on... the burgers were on the grill... and the pool was calling my name. We could not have asked for a better Labor Day weekend.

Saturday we literally watched football all.flippin.day.long. It was fabulous. We had the windows open, letting the cool mid 70's breezes filter in the house. It just felt like fall. We took a brief football break to go grab some dinner at our new favorite sushi joint, Oishii Sushi (pronounced Oooshi Sushi, very fun to say). Although it wasn't a complete football break... while we were eating at the sushi bar that we saw Jacksonville State clench the win over Ole Miss in double overtime... even the sushi chefs were cheering.

On Sunday we decided to have a few seminary friends (well, our only friends so far, really) over for greek burgers. It was a great time... Lance demonstrated how to construct the perfect greek burger while we enjoyed the beautiful weather and tasty appetizers...

Lance's yummy bruschetta.

Julia's avocado party dip (more on this later).

Meet some of our new friends... Jonny (guy in yellow on the far right) is from Northern Ireland and is in some of Lance's classes. He is engaged to Janaye, who is currently studying in Tulsa, OK. Janaye and Jonny's brother, Ian (guy in white on far left) were in Louisville visiting for the weekend. Mike (guy in black shirt) is from Scotland and has visited several of the same churches that Lance and I have been to recently.

Meet Aubrey and Nishika. They are some of the first people we met when visiting Louisville. They are originally from South India, but have been living in Canada the past year. Aubrey helped Lance unload the Uhaul when we first moved in.

We are slowly getting the hang of this "making friends" thing. You can never go wrong with a good cookout by the pool. If friends turn us down for that, then we don't stand a chance :)

And finally... this is what I did yesterday...

Pure bliss.