he & she

I stole this little idea straight from Elise's blog... (gasp, I know. Shocking, right? That I would borrow one of Elise's brilliant little ideas?) But it is a brilliant idea. Just an easy little way to show a snapshot of what he & she are doing these days.

At first, I was going to make myself some rules... because, you see, being fairly OCD, I like rules. I usually thrive off of them. But not this time. I want freedom on this little project. I hope to do several of these in the future... and maybe even create an album or something to store them in... I love what Elise did. But I don't want the pressure of feeling like I have to do one every month, or every week, or whatever. The "he & she" project will reappear whenever I want it to. Edition 2 may show up tomorrow, or it might be next year... either way, I'm excited about it.


{awesome painting by Eckland Cort}

he is studying and reading more than he ever anticipated.

she is enjoying working in her sweatpants.

he is missing football on Friday nights.

she is making their new house feel like a home.

they recently received special visits from Houston, TX and Birmingham, AL.

he is a stud at intramural sports, and just led his flag football team to the championship game.

she is thrilled because she was just booked to photograph two more weddings.

they think they have finally found a new church home.

he is making friends in his classes and on the basketball court.

she is making friends wherever she can find them.

they are getting lots of quality time together... and I mean lots.