seminary sweater

Since becoming a "seminary wife" I have recently been feeling some unsaid pressure to transform into the stereo-typical-meet-the-duggards-type woman. Now, let me be clear... this pressure does not come from anyone but myself... but none-the-less, I'm feeling it.

The seminary Lance is attending is by no means some psycho-rule-enforcing-wacko-commune. Far from it. However, it is understood that men and women should dress in a way that is fairly modest and respectful. Lance often wears a t-shirt and jeans to class and if I'm visiting him on campus I will often wear jeans and a cute tank of some sort.

Although... Lately, I've been noticing that I will carry a sweater with me as well.

You know... the Seminary Sweater.

Just in case I all of a sudden realize that the shirt I picked out is too low cut, or fits too well... I am suddenly much more aware of how I am dressed compared to others. It's not that I typically dress immodestly... I just find myself analyzing it a little bit more lately. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing. And come fall, it won't matter much at anyways... everyone will be wearing Seminary Sweaters...