snail mail happiness...

Snail mail just does it for me. I'm not exactly sure what it is about it... but I love it. I love receiving it, and I love sending it.

I've mentioned it before. There is just something thrilling about spotting that one envelope in the mailbox. You know... the envelope with your address actually hand written... the envelope that shows no signs of a clear plastic window... the envelope that is yellow or red.

Well, this has been a good snail mail week... I found an adorable little post office around the corner from my house. I mean seriously, this post office is the cutest thing you've ever seen. I caught up on a few birthday cards and packages (some on time, some not-so-much). FedEx and UPS have finally figured out what "guest house" means and where to leave our packages.

Our little PO Box even saw some love this week...

Just when I had given up hope of ever finding the Ghirardelli cookies at any of my local grocery stores, a box of yummy goodness arrived from this thoughtful friend.

I also received a fun envelope from my all-time favorite blogger, Elise, stuffed with beautiful papers, tags and mini envelopes. Remember how I was thinking about signing up for Elise's BIGmini workshop? Well, I did. And it just so happened that I lucked out and was selected for a daily giveaway... hence the paper goodies:)

As if all of that wasn't awesome enough... today the FedEx man stopped by to deliver a box from this dear friend. I am never disappointed after receiving anything from Courtney and little Claire Bear. Today, it was a welcome home package with everything I need to have my new friends over for a little wine and cheese party! A bottle of Riesling (my fav), some awesome party napkins, paper plates, and the most adorable set of ceramic labels for my cheese platter!

Go ahead... send someone some snail mail. You will make their day... promise.

Happy mailing!