thankful thursday {a day late & a dollar short}

This Thursday, err... I mean Friday, I am thankful for:

1) A special weekend visitor. My sister, Jenna, and her boyfriend, Chris, are driving up from Birmingham for a fun-filled Louisville weekend! I can't wait to see them! Weekend festivities will include mani/pedis, a pre-birthday celebration, watching a volleyball game, lots of good food, and a closet-clothes-swap (more on this later). Cannot wait.
2) Archiver's. I seriously love this store. It is a crafter's dream-come-true... and a crafter's husband's worst nightmare, but that's besides the point. It just so happens that there is an Archiver's in the mall near my house. Don't worry, I've already picked up their monthly workshop schedule.
3) Fall TV shows. I have seen a lot of blog love out there this week in regards to all the great TV sitcoms coming back on air. I usually don't watch much TV, but come fall... I defintely have a few shows I look forward to. But more on this later... expect a 'top 5 list' soon, you can thank my new friend Jenny for that idea:)