books, nooks & babysitter clubs

Today I visited an adorable little book store not far from my house... A Reader's Corner. Rows and rows of both used and new books. I stopped in thinking I would grab a quick book for my wreath project, and an hour later I was still perusing the aisles of literature.

I couldn't help it... there is just something about a good bookstore... it gets me every time. I am a horribly inconsistent reader, as seen in my very sporadic book review posts, but I love books.

I spent the majority of my visit at the bookstore in the classic literature section, and came home with this...
...a beautifully loved copy of Chalres Dickens' A Christmas Carol & The Cricket on the Hearth. I love how the corners are frayed and the book cover is yellowed with age and probably about to disintegrate... the signs of a truly cherished novel.

Then, just as I was about to leave... I stumbled upon this row of books in the youth section...
...yep, that's right. The Baby-Sitters Club. I used to love these books! I think I had practically the entire collection. My generation grew up with these girls... Kristy, Mary Anne, Claudia, Dawn. Oh, and don't forget the Sweet Valley High twins... Jessica & Elizabeth Wakefield. Now that was some good reading!