crafting + christmas = {pure bliss}

I tried my very best to wait at least until Halloween was over before I started blogging about Christmas crafts... but it's simply not possible. I adore everything about the season and prefer to extend it as long as humanly possible.

I'm hoping to get some crafting in this weekend... among other things (ie, lots of photo editing). Lance snagged some tickets to the UGA v. Kentucky game this Saturday and will be taking some guys from seminary with him... which means that I will have the house all to myself Saturday night... perfect for crafting:) Here are a few projects that I have my eye on this season...

Vintage Book Wreath. Isn't this beautiful? And it seems pretty simple. I would love to whip 3 of these up for the blank wall in our living room. I love how classic they look. These could totally stay up through January. {instructions found on Living with Lindsay from last year}

Paisley Glass Ornaments. I made a ton of these last year for some different shows and absolutely loved how they turned out. This year, I'm hoping to make an assortment for our home. I'm not entirely sure if we will be able to get a tree this year (due to small living spaces and lots of traveling), so I'm thinking these ornaments might suffice hung at varying heights in certain corners of the house. They are super simple to make... all you need is: a box of glass ornaments, rub-on adhesive designs or letters, and a little bit of patience. Maybe I'll do a full how-to later?

December Daily Album. I briefly talked about this a few weeks ago. Ali Edwards has made this project famous... but rightly so... it's a brilliant idea. Basically, you commit to documenting the days leading up to Christmas. You would think this would be a painfully stressful process, but not so. For me, it's actually the reverse. I feel like it forces me to slow down and treasure the little moments. You can see some other December Daily albums here.

And of course, anyone that's ever worked in the "sweatshop" over on Little Creek Trail knows that Elf is absolutely mandatory when Christmas crafting.

And some peanut butter M&M's never hurt anyone.