on a jennifer aniston hunt...

So... Lance and I just spent the week in Clarkesville, GA... not Hollywood, not LA, not New York... but Clarkesville... Clarkesville, GA. Small Town, America. But you wouldn't guess it with all the movie star sightings around there. And I'm talking some serious A-listers... more specifically, Jennifer Aniston.

They are filming the movie Wanderlust right around the corner from where we were staying. I won't go into details about the actual plot of the movie, as it's a little controversial... But basically, Wanderlust is about a New York couple that wants to get away from hectic city living, so they travel to a bed & breakfast in Georgia... which actually turns out to be some weirdo-hippie-pot-smoking-nudist-colony or something. Told you... a little controversial. You can read up on the movie yourself by going here.

Scandalous or not... I was stil on a major Jennifer Aniston hunt. But unfortunately for me, I was only in town for one week, which really limited my stalking ability. The cast trailers were set up literally half a mile away from where Lance and I were staying. Which of course meant that I made Lance drive by so I could take paparazzi style photos out of the passenger side window of the prius. No Jennifer though.

But... I did happen to see the rest of the cast on Wednesday night at the Copper Pot. There was literally about 20 of them there. You might recognize...

Malin Akerman: You might recognize her as the younger sister (Tess) on 27 Dresses... the ex-girlfriend, Gertrude, on The Proposal... Ronnie from Couples Retreat... or as Lila from Heartbreak Kid. She is absolutely gorgeous... and did not disappoint in person, even without make-up.

Lauren Ambrose: She played Denise from the movie Can't Hardly Wait, back in the day. She also had a voice role in Where the Wild Things Are. She was hard to miss with her gorgeous red hair... absolutely stunning.

Alan Alda: Alan is best known for his role on M*A*S*H as Captain Benjamin Franklin Pierce. He was also in several episodes of The West Wing as Senator Arnold Vinick. Alan looked as though he just finished a day at the golf course, with a yellow sweater and a visor... he looked completely at home with the younger cast.

I'm a little disappointed that "Jenn" and I never bumped into each other. I was really hoping she and I could hang out while I was in town... maybe next time.