thankful thursday

Thanks to a concerned blog reader (aka, my mother), I was informed that today is in fact Thursday... Yes, it's true. Sometimes I totally forget what day it is... But being that it is Thursday...

This Thursday I am thankful for:

1) Fall Festivals. You know the ones... with candied apples, pumpkin patches, boiled peanuts, and corn mazes. We just happen to be going to one this weekend. I'm not sure if they will have boiled peanuts (as we are not really in the south anymore), but we are guaranteed beautiful fall weather in the mid-60's... which is enough for me.

2) Cocoa Krispies. Yes, the cereal. I love this stuff. (My mom is rolling her eyes right now... I know it.) I've always been a sucker for sugary cereals, specifically Lucky Charms and Cocoa Krispies. My mom always did her best to keep these out of the house when I was growing up... but now that I buy my own groceries, I can get Cocoa Krispies when ever I want:) Anything that creates chocolate milk in the process, I'm a fan of.

3) My Nana. You may remember about about a month ago, I posted about my Nana and Pop's 80th birthday... Well, this past Saturday was my Nana's actual birthday. I have inherited quite a lot from my Nana... my super narrow feet, my love for shoe shopping, and my middle name, just to name a few... Happy birthday Nana! Be checking your mailbox:)

{PS... how fabulous does my Nana look in her off-the-shoulder top and gorgeous necklace?? I also like to think that I inherited her great taste in fashion...}

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