top 2 tuesday

This week's Top 2 Tuesday is choose your top 2 favorite old pictures... This was a tough one. I couldn't decide if I should go waaayyy back... back to the days of Keds and permed hair, or maybe just a few oldies from the college days... Hmmmm... let's see. I think we'll go with college days & such... as I don't have many older than that already scanned in to the computer.

1) Ha!! We'll start with this one. This one is from my sophomore year of college, about 10 years ago, at a conference in Atlanta. It was New Year's Eve, which obviously explains the massive feather boa I am sporting... duh. I love this photo because it's of me, my future husband (right) and my future brother-in-law (left)... but at the time, who knew? I love Bryan's hair in this pic. Speaking of hair... look how flippin' short mine is! And Lance actually has hair... crazy.

2) This photo was taken about 5 years ago at the NYC Hard Rock Cafe. My sister had her first college volleyball tournament there (New York, that is... not Hard Rock Cafe:), so I hopped on a flight to cheer her on. We of course found time for a little bit of sight seeing... and hard rocking....

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