my first mini book...

So... you might remember me mentioning a while back (ummm say, 2 months ago) how I was considering signing up for Elise's BIGmini online class. Well, I did. And it was fabulous.

I absolutely adore anything Elise crafts up... but I've always been intrigued by her mini books. Serving somewhat as a mix between a scrapbook and an art journal... I loved the concept. I just didn't know where to start.

Typically when I scrapbook, my OCD tendencies come out in full force... things have to be in chronological order, my color scheme needs to match, all pages need to be the same size, and so on and so forth. But after taking Elise's online workshop, I realized that mini books were about breaking the rules. I could include loads of pictures, or no photos at all. My book could document an event, or could simply be a list of my favorite things. There is freedom in these little books. This was still hard for me to grasp as I started putting my mini book together, but I'm hoping with a little more practice, I can rid myself of my crafty-OCD.

For my first ever mini book, I ended up creating somewhat of a journal/scrapbook for the month of September. I wanted to document my thoughts and adventures as we just recently moved to a new city. I would love to do more of these in the future... maybe a month here and a month there.

The whole book was inspired by a card I found that has a quote by Neale Donald Walsch that reads, "Life begins at the end of your comfort zone." Love it.

I then started selecting some favorite scrapbook papers and trimming them all down to the same size (about 4x5). This definitely helped. Once all the pages were the same size, everything else seemed so much more manageable. I could put all my papers/mess away, and just work with the pages I selected... way less intimidating.

Then I decided to round the corners... I mean, because everything looks better with rounded corners.

I ordered some photos that would best document the month of September... focusing on a visit from my parents, then another visit from my sister. I added some journaling, some mementos gathered along the way, and a few last minute embellishments... and called it done.

Here's the whole thing... My first mini book... start to finish...