the pros and cons of business traveling...

PRO: You get to charge that tasty airport dinner to the compnay credit card.

CON: You get to spend 2 extra hours in the airport once you find out your flight has been delayed.

PRO: You score a snazzy rental car upgrade and find yourself driving something you will never be able to afford in real life.

CON: You realize at 10:00pm, once you finally make it to your hotel room, that you have forgotten to pack your toothpaste. Awesome.

PRO: Luckily, the Courtyard Marriott has nifty little Colgate packs at the front desk for people just like you.

CON: You are reminded what Atlanta rush-hour traffic is like.

PRO: You get to eat lunch at Chipotle with some of your favorite co-workers... and if your lucky, maybe even charge it to the company AMEX.