thankful {THANKFUL} thursday

For this special edition of Thanksgiving Thankful Thursday I am thankful for:

1) Home-cooked food. We are beyond excited about some eating good southern food. And this year will be southern indeed. My sister-in-law's family is visiting from South Africa this year, so along with the turkey, we will also enjoy rack of lamb, and a special South African dessert, which I've heard includes loads of sugar (right up my alley).

2) Family. This year, Lance and I are spending Thanksgiving with his family in Habersham. Since we have recently moved to Kentucky (far, far away from any relatives) I am realizing the importance of good time with family.

3) Deep-fried turkey. Seriously... once you go deep fried, you won't ever go back. Promise. My side of the family has been doing this for years and years... but this Thanksgiving, Lance is bringing the deep fried goodness to his side of the family. And they will not be disappointed.