thankful thursday

This Thursday I am thankful for:

1) The Sharpie Pen. These have become my go-to pen on most of my craft projects. They are fabulous. They don't bleed through your paper, the ink doesn't smudge when you're writing, and my favorite part... acid-free... perfect for any of your photo memory projects.

2) Early Christmas decorations. You will never hear me complain about someone that puts their Christmas lights up in October, or about the early holiday commercials overtaking television, or about pre-Thaksgiving mall decorations... nope, not me. Christmas lights just make me happy. This photo is of the Christmas tree at one of the malls near my house... sigh, so pretty.

3) Hot tea. Earl Grey to be exact. With lots of Splenda. It's my drink of choice during these colder months... and probably a little better for me than my morning can of Dr. Pepper. It's a perfect hand warmer too.