top 2 tuesday

This week's Top 2 Tuesday is your 2 favorite jobs.

1) My current job. I could not ask for any better. I am currently the Staff Accountant for a German manufacturing company... we produce plastic pellets. Exciting, I know. But really, I love this job... and I love this company. Through my current job I have... met some of my favorite people... traveled to Germany (twice)... traveled to Boston... learned so, so much in the accounting world... been given the opportunity to WORK FROM HOME so I could keep my job. I mean after a list like that... who wouldn't love plastic pellets?

2) My College job. Well, if you can call it that. My last semester at Troy, I was the Graduate Assistant to the Associate Athletic Director. I got paid in tuition fees and books... which as a graduate student, is a pretty sweet deal. This job was especially fabulous during football season, when my title changed to Assistant Game Day Director every Saturday. Through this job I was able to... fly with the football team to watch them play Kansas State (my parent's alma mater)... meet this incredible girl (now lifelong friend)... plan for my wedding... Fabulous, fabulous job.

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