top 2 tuesday

This week's Top 2 Tuesday is your 2 favorite organizing tips & tricks. I am all over this one. I love being organized. I am one of those people that alphabetizes her spice rack and color coordinates her closet. I used to organize other people's houses when I was babysitting. Yep. I'm one of those. However... this has all faded over the past 6 1/2 years after I married one of the more unorganized men I have ever met... But I still love me a good organizing tip...

1) Baskets. Baskets, baskets, baskets. Right now I am obsessed with vintage wire baskets. I recently bought one at an antique fair that I am using to hold some of my stamp supplies. I love that you can see what is in them... but everything is still "put away." I use regular baskets for everything... and I mean everything. Cleaning supplies, shoes, ribbon, photo albums, books, hats, DVDs, games... told you... everything. (photo via French Garden House)

2) Go vertical. Just think how much table space you could have... I love the idea of floating shelves (hmmm, need to get some of those). And of course any type of basket/container that attaches directly to the wall, I'm a big fan of. How great would it be to have everything you need within reach... but still have a clean desk to work off of. This is something I'm definitely trying to do in my own tiny, little space right now... think up. (photo via Good Housekeeping)

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