twenty-nine-and-a-half... {30 by 30 update}

Remember when you were little and you took such pride in those "1/2" years? You were never just 6 years old... it was always "6 1/2" ...or "almost 7." Always striving and reaching towards that next year... wishing you were just a little bit older.

Half years are funny things. They serve as a good dividing point. A time to reflect on all we have learned in the past half year... but also a time to look ahead to all that we still wish to accomplish.

Today, dear friends, is my half birthday. I am officially 29 1/2. And what better a time to pull out the good ol' 30 by 30 list?

This is my list of 30 things that I hope to accomplish before I turn 30 years old...

1) be a local tourist.
This is pretty easy to do when you move to a new city, since you basically are a tourist and everything is new... but I want to really explore my new surroundings, so I'm not calling this one done yet.

2) see the Dave Matthews Band live in concert.

3) make someone's day anonymously.
I really can't tell you if I've done this one or not... that would kind of defeat the purpose of "anonymously," now wouldn't it?

4) organize my old pictures.
I have a lot done on this one, but still have a little more to go.

5) sleep under the stars.

6) watch 'Breakfast at Tiffany's" and "Casablanca."
Done. Loved 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'... and loved 'Casablanca,' seriously... why don't they make movies like this anymore?

7) edit and update my website.
I did this a while back, but now I need to do it again.

8) throw a themed party.

9) photograph my first wedding.
Done. The second one is done too. The third and fourth are on the calendar too!

10) put in some volunteer hours.

11) go to a Colts game.
I am thinking of changing this to a Cincinnati Bengals game...

12) buy a pair of TOMS.
Done... and done.

13) get my second tattoo.
Done. And I love it.

14) workout consistently.

15) pay off debt.
This is a work in progress... but the progress is going quite nicely. Just paid off the car last month!

16) take a class/workshop.
Done. I did Elise's BIGmini online workshop and it was awesome. I'm finishing my first minibook now.

17) read a classic.
I have 'Pride & Prejudice' waiting for me.

18) have a massive yard sale.
Done. Best yard sale ever.

19) put that yard sale money towards any open debt (see #15).
Done. Every penny went to VISA.

20) clean out the craft closet.
I'm not really sure what to do with this goal, since the 'craft closet' no longer exists.

21) bake cookies for my neighbors.
Done. We did this at our old house before we moved.

22) take a hot air balloon ride.

23) visit Chicago and/or Seattle.
Chicago is looking pretty promising since it's only a 5 hour drive now.

24) attend a book signing.

25) find a beer that I like.
I'm calling this one done. And I'm going with Stella. I'm still open to trying others though...

26) support a young missionary.
Done. AJ went to Africa and Joey went to Nicaragua.

27) learn a new word, and actually use it.

28) organize the contacts in my address book.
Done. But this one takes continuous effort.

29) check out all the 'Harry Potter' hype.
I have read books 1 and 2... but I may have to switch over to the movies to get this goal accomplished.

30) learn about my "family tree" and history.