december daily {days 11-20}

Can you believe that it is already December-flippin'-1st? I can't. I mean, December... already... I love it.

Seeing as it is December 1st... I will officially start recording my days for this year's December Daily. Who knows... maybe I'll even get a crazy and start putting of my book together in 2010...

But first thing's first... here are days 11-20 from last year's December Daily. (You can see days 1-10 here.)

{day 11} On December 11th, I shipped off all of our wrapped Christmas presents to Kansas, so we wouldn't have to fly with them... So for day 11, I included a photos of our wrapped gifts all ready to go, right before I taped up the box. There is a little bit of journaling, along with my number 11 sticker.

{day 12} The first part of day 12 was simply the invitation to my company's holiday party. I just adhered it directly to some red cardstock.

{day 12 cont} On the back of my party invitation I included a few photos from the company party with a little bit of text. I used several circle cut-outs from a gift tag package I purchased last year.

{day 13} There was a song that came out last year, called "Give this Christmas Away" by Amy Grant and Matthew West that really spoke to me... I loved the lyrics and wanted to include them in my December Daily... so I just printed up the words to the song for my day 13. Pretty simple.

{day 14} My parents still have me send them a Christmas list every year (hey, no complaints here)... so for day 14 I included a copy of the email I sent to my mom & dad with my very own wish list on it. I put the email on some fun scrapbook paper, then adhered the whole thing to a plastic album cut-out. I love how this page is really thick... and I really love those WISH letters.

{day 15} Every year Lance and I try to purchase Christmas presents for a family in need. So, for day 15, I wrote a little note about why this tradition has become so important to us. I tucked the note along with the family's wish lists inside a square red envelope. I used some sparkly letter stickers to spell out "give" on the flap of the envelope and tied a few strands of ribbon on the other end. I love this page.

{day 16} Every year I try to make some homemade chex mix (or Texas Trash, as we call it) and take it into the office to share. Lance helped me make two huge batches last year. I used a 5x7 black and white photo on the top and wrote my journaling directly on the picture with a gel pen. I included a few more photos on the bottom of both the process and the finished product. Oh... and I added a little recipe card right in the middle of my album with the Texas Trash instructions:)

{day 17} Okay... so day 17 isn't exactly completed yet. But I have it all planned out in my head. I will use the magazine page shown above as the background for the layout, then will add a little bit of journaling talking about my sister and I planning for our trip to Colorado. See... all planned out.

{day 18} This little page was so simple... but I love the way it turned out. I cut out a strip of snowflake paper and just journaled where I had space... I attached a little snowflake with some ribbon tied on top... added the number 18... and called it done.

{day 19} Do you remember the number cut-out page I used for day 4? Well, I trimmed a "1" and a "9" out of my leftovers from that paper to use as my "19." This was the day that Jenna and I flew to Denver, so I included our plane ticket and a little bit of journaling about our trip and our lovely dinner.

{day 20} Day 20 starts with a fun green chipboard tag that came in one of the holiday packages I bought last year. I added a photo of me and Jenna from our Steamboat trip, along with the date.

{day 20 cont} This is quite possibly one of my favorites. I used the backside of the chipboard tag for my journaling. I had typed out my journaling for this day before I really knew what the layout would look like... so I got the idea to just trim out the text, line by line, and just adhere it directly to my chipboard tag. I love how this turned out. The Steamboat page I created mostly on my computer. I used a Pages template to add my photos and text, then trimmed around the edges so I could place it on top of some sun snowflake paper I wanted to use. The green Steamboat sticker was a souvenir I picked up from our trip.

Days 21-31 coming soon...