december daily {days 21-31}

The last few pages of my 2009 December Daily...

{day 21} On December 21st, Jenna and I decided our bodies simply couldn't handle any more snowboarding lessons, so we set out to do something that we both knew we were already very good at... shopping, of course! I created the filmstrip by using a Pages template on my computer and just trimmed out the photo portion.

{day 22} This page just included a few simple photos that were taken from the car window of our drive from Colorado to Kansas. I did my journaling directly on one of the photos with a silver gel pen. I used the same paper and same reindeer cut out that I used on day 21 to tie the two pages together.

{day 23} On The 23rd, I used a plain piece of red cardstock for my background, then added three photos from our day (with rounded corners, of course) and a tag with a bit of journaling. Then on the opposite side I used one photo from our shopping trip and included my receipt in an outside pocket.

{day 24} Christmas Eve was extra special this year, because my cousin and his wife had their second baby... little Tanner! So, I did a small layout using a picture of mama's preggo belly and big sister Paige. On the next page I used a page protector that was supposed to be for wallet photos or business cards and trimmed it down to the size I wanted. Our tradition is to open family photos on Christmas Eve, so I included some of these photos here.

{day 24 cont} The backside included a few more photos from our present craziness. I also punched holes directly in the church bulletin from our Christmas Eve service.

{day 25} As you can see, day 25... as in the Christmas Day... as in what probably should be the most important page of this entire book... is very incomplete. I'm thinking this page will be very simple... one, maybe two photos, and a bit of journaling... or maybe just a simple Bible verse. I really want to focus on the purpose of the day.

{day 26} Many people choose to end their December Daily books after day 25... which is perfectly fine. I wanted to continue through the entire month of December, because we usually still have so much going on, and I knew we would still be celebrating Christmas with Lance's family. So... I used day 26 to document our day at the bowling alley. A few photos, some fun cut-outs, a small journaling tag, and my personal favorite, the "bowling" cut-out. I had been holding on to that piece for a few years and was so happy to have a reason to finally use it!

{day 27} This is actually a long green envelope adhered to half of a sheet of red cardstock. I used the green envelope to hold my list of thank you notes that I wanted to write to friends and family that thought of us over the holidays. I also attached my plane ticket coming back from Denver to Atlanta.

{day 28} No pictures. Just a little bit of journaling talking about how excited we were to see Lance's brother and sister-in-law and our twin nieces! The fun swirly design was actually a sticker that came in a holiday package I bought last year.

{day 29} I used another one of the clear plastic album pages (like what I used on day 14 & 15). I had a zillion pictures of the girls opening their presents, so I created a little accordion style pull out for each girl...
{day 29 cont} I love this page. There are more photos on the back... because you can never have too many pictures of these adorable girls... really.

{day 30} Again... not quite finished. But I don't really have any photos from December 30th, so this page will probably be mostly journaling. We went to see Avatar, so I might just print up a write up about the movie... not quite sure yet.

{day 31} Obviously... need to work on this one too. I will more than likely include a few photos from my New Year's Eve with the girls and my plane ticket to Little Rock, AR.

Okay... no more extremely long December Daily posts. Promise. Well, at least until I finish my 2010 December Daily:) I do love this project though. I am hoping this will become a little tradition of ours...