thankful thursday

This Thursday I am thankful for:

1) My family. It was so, so fabulous to be able to spend Christmas in Houston with my family. I am coming to realize that having a close-knit family is sometimes a rare thing. This year we hung out with my dad's side of the family in Houston... and I miss them already.

2) Christmas extensions. Isn't December 26th one of the most depressing days ever?? Okay, so it's not really depressing... but it definitely sucks that you have to wait another 365 days for next Christmas. And that is why I love Christmas extensions:) We will have a little post-Christmas celebration with Lance's side of the family and our twin nieces tomorrow... love Christmas extensions!

3) New beginnings. I love new year's resolutions. I love that you get a clean slate... that all of a sudden it doesn't matter how you did on last year's resolutions... just pick some new ones and start over:) This year I'm planning on keeping my list short and sweet... much more manageable.