top 2 tuesday

This week's Top 2 Tuesday is your favorite games... To be quite honest, I have never been much of a game person... I used to cringe when friends in college wanted to have "game night." I was a closet game-hater. However, this all changed when I discovered game #1...

1) THINGS. Best game ever. Hands down. It is hilarious. Straight laced people come up with the most outragous things. If you haven't played THINGS before, you really must try it... even if you're a game-hater. You will not be disappointed... but you might pee in your pants.

2) OPERATION. Second best game ever. I realize this game is meant for 7 year olds... but whatever. It still scares the crap out of me when that dang buzzer goes off. We typically pull this bad boy out on New Year's Eve (right before we play THINGS)... I'm pretty confident that I could perform surgery on any one of you in an emergency situation... I've been well-trained.

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