11 in 2011 :: most looking forward to...

Today is the last day of Kit and MJ's "11 in 2011"... so I figured I'd link up one more time. This was a great idea... only wish I could have joined in more. Is it just me, or does everything still seem to be in overdrive from the holidays??

Regardless... here is what I am most looking forward to in 2011...

1) Duh. Our Alaskan cruise. Which I totally already mentioned in this post... but this is definitely one of the coolest things we are doing this year.

2) Photographing weddings. There is something so magical about capturing someone's special day. One of the goals on my 30 by 30 list was to photograph my first wedding... I ended up having photographing 2 in 2010, and so far, I have 3 on the books for this year... all which will be stunning.

3) Standing by my little sister on her wedding day. This is one wedding that will be extra-super special. I won't be capturing this one through a camera lens... as I will be busy holding the bouquet, straightening the bride's dress, making sure the bride gets a snack, and probably crying. It will be fabulous.

4) The Kentucky Derby. I'm not sure if I will actually be attending the big race, as tickets are pretty tough (and expensive) to come by... but I will definitely be soaking up all the derby day atmosphere that saturates Louisville in the weeks before the event.

5) Turning the big three-oh. Yep. 30. Okay, okay... so I'm not actually excited about this monumental event... but I figured I might as well embrace it. It's coming, whether I like it or not. And to be honest, my 30 by 30 list has made turning 30 seem more like an adventure, rather than the end of the world.