book review...

Seeing as it has been an entire 6 months since my last book review... I figured it was high time for some reading updates. Let me remind you, that I am by far the most inconsistent reader on the planet... so it makes sense that my book reviews would be far and few between. (Not to mention the fact that it practically took me 6 months to finish one of my books... sad, I know.)

Eclipse: Yes... this is the one that took me practically 6 months to finish. I know, I know. All you Twi-hards out there are gasping in astonishment, since I'm sure it only took you 6 hours to read. What can I say... I'm just not completely into all the vampire drama. Don't get me wrong, I thought Eclipse was waaaayyy better than New Moon, and I will read the last book... I'm committed now (see my notes below in the Harry Potter review regarding my thoughts on sagas). I just have this terrible habit of starting a book... getting half way through it... putting it down for 3-4 months... absolutely forgetting about it... finding it under my bed... and then finally finishing it. I am working on this.

When it's Time to Go: This was some of my assigned reading for one of the Seminary Wives classes I took last fall. The book serves as a tool to help prepare women for the mission field. Lance and I aren't moving overseas anytime soon, but this is something we always discuss as an option for our future. I would recommend this book to any woman considering moving overseas as a missionary. The author, Brandi Biesiadecki, does a fabulous job pulling from her own experiences as a missionary wife and mother.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: I am trying my best to persevere through the Harry Potter novels... as this is item #29 on my 30 by 30 list. I have really enjoyed them so far and have found them easy to get lost in. Even if I hated them I would probably keep reading... mainly because I have this weird thing about sequals/sagas/trilogies, etc. I feel compelled to complete the series. Thankfully I really like the Harry Potter books, seeing as I still have 5 books to go, and they seem to get longer and longer with each one.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo: I received this book for Christmas this year. I have been wanting to read it, as I have heard wonderful things about the author, Stieg Larsson, as well as the entire trilogy. See... another trilogy. Such commitment.

Pride & Prejudice: A classic. Tried and true. This book of Jane Austen's has captured hearts for years and years... so I figured why not? This is the piece of classic literature I have selected to read for item #17 on the 30 by 30 list. (I bet you will be excited when I actually turn 30, so I will stop referencing my list.) I'll be honest, the old language kind of intimidates me here... but I've heard from numerous people it's not so bad. We'll give it a go.