embrace the camera

There is this super cool girl, named Emily, over at The Anderson Crew... and every Thursday she hosts something she calls "Embrace the Camera." Basically, the point is to encourage you to actually be in your pictures. I have never joined in on all the "Embrace the Camera" fun... mainly because I'm hardly ever in my pictures. I'm sure you all can relate... probably even more so if you have little ones... since you just run around chasing them with your camera.

But one of my resolutions this year was to "Delight in making memories." Part of this resolution includes actually documenting those memories... and to be honest, I would like to actually be a part of those... as in... actually in the photos. So, I'm hoping by participating in "Embrace the Camera" it might actually force me to hand the camera to someone else every once in a while.

A little side note about Emily at The Anderson Crew... She doesn't know me. We've never met. But after stumbling on her blog in a totally random way, I realized that she was the photographer for my brother & sister-in-law when they lived in Orlando... and might I add, that she does amazing work behind the camera.

Okay... so on to the whole Embrace the Camera thing... Here is my picture for this week:

This is obviously from New Year's Eve... and it is with one of my favorite friends (PS, that first picture on this post is our husbands ringing in the New Year). April and I met in the summer of 2002, and have spent every New Year's Eve together since then (with the exception of last year-my fault). We have spent more New Year's Eve's with each other than we have with our own husbands! Love this girl.

Jump on over here to link up your own Embrace the Camera photo. Don't fret... Thankful Thursday post is still to come (I know you all were holding your breath:)