i resolve to...

This year I resolve to do five simple things... (If you're wondering why they all start with the word "delight"... then read here).

1) Delight in the Lord.
Spending time with the Lord is always at the top of my list... but I want to delight in it. I want to long for it. I want to crave it. Lance and I recently bought some new Bibles... they are awesome. They have a reading plan in the front, wide margins for note taking, and amazing study notes. The plan is to read/study a portion together and another on our own. I am really looking forward to this.

2) Delight in being healthy.
As in... move more, eat less. I know this is a pretty standard resolution for so many of us, that often times it seems to just get lost in the abyss. (Did you ever wonder where all those people disappear to at the gym come February?) The plan here is to eat more fruits & veggies. Keep them in the house... available... as easy to reach as those cookies (well, easier to reach, I guess). I haven't quite settled on the action plan for the exercise portion of this goal... but basically to move more. Do something... run... walk... play volleyball... lift weights... something... anything.

3) Delight in commitment.
This is a two-part resolution... Part one: Finish my 30 by 30 list. Only 5 months to go until the big 3-oh. I really want to finish that list. Part two: Commit to straight teeth. Need more explanation?? Well, about a year ago I started Invisalign. You know... the clear-braces-kind-of-thing. It's basically trays that you wear that help straighten your smile. Well... I did really great at this... at first. Then I kind of stopped wearing them all together. I have about 3 months left... and I need to suck it up and wear my trays... (uhhh, I mean, I need to delight in wearing my trays). I paid a pretty penny for those things.

4) Delight in reading.
This is another one that seems to be on my list almost every year. You would think it wouldn't be so hard. I enjoy reading. Really, I do. It's just that I don't seem to make much time for it. My plan here is to read before I go to bed... even if it is just one page. It may not happen every night... but I'm shooting for 3 nights a week of just a little bit of reading. I have a book list brewing in my head already...

5) Delight in memory making.
This resolution is another two-parter... Part one: actually make memories. Do things that are worthy of remembering... Part two: Document those memories. Write them down... photograph them... store them... you get the picture.

What are your resolving to do this year??