this is what 3 weeks of mail looks like...

Is it weird that, upon returning home, I was most excited about... 1) seeing Little Cat... and 2) sorting through our mail... Is that weird?

I just love real mail. I can't help it. And the thought of going through 3 weeks worth made me giddy. It is weird, okay, I know. It probably had something to do with the fact that we were gone over Christmas. So I was hoping that the number of fun mail items (ie Christmas cards) would out weigh the bills... because 3 weeks can accumulate a lot of bills... and let's be honest... that is not so fun.

But I am pleased to report that the stack of happy mail vs. crappy mail was pretty even-steven. Plus, 2 awesome Christmas packages totally adds extra points to the happy mail side. Yay for happy mail:)