blogland... meet jenna.

Jenna... Blogland.

Jenna just happens to be the coolest girl I know. She also just happens to be my sister. Isn't she adorable? {and drop dead gorgeous... I know, I know.}

Well... I am super happy to say that Jenna has decided to join Blogland and become a little blogger herself:) You can find her at Order & Pestle.

There she will talk about all sorts of cool things...

::Pharmacy (she's a current pharm student at Samford in Birmingham, AL)

::Wedding plans (she just got engaged in November and is busy planning her August wedding)

::Organization (she is an OCD child after my own heart... this girl makes me look unorganized)

::Design (she loves decorating and redecorating her cute little townhome)

Go check her out. She is awesome. Be sure to say hi from me:)