the groundhog... liar.

Groundhog Day. I've never really understood the concept of this peculiar day. We all wait around with intense anticipation to watch a fat, furry, over-sized mole come out of a hole in the ground. The groundhog is then welcomed and encouraged to exit his hole by strange men in funny top hats. Then we base all of our hope in the fat, furry creature's very inaccurate weather prediction. I mean, really? How is this day even listed on the calendar? At least they made a good movie out of it.

Well... if you're into that sort of thing, then you probably have already heard the 2011 Groundhog outcome... no shadow. An early spring.
Really Mr. Groundhog?? I mean, seriously? Over half of the country is practically shut down due to the massive snow/ice storm that hit yesterday. But apparently, we should be experiencing gorgeous, sunny, 70 degree spring days at any moment...

Happy Groundhog Day, folks... hope it's a great one! Be sure to stop by tomorrow for the very first Thankful Thursday linky party!!